The Concept of the modern day clinic Rabaschus

We treat you till success.


For this we require an average of 3-6 treatment sessions. Whether this applies also in your case or if we recommend another treatment mode, can only be advised after an investigation. Of course individual agreements are always possible.


We can provide you with a none-binding recommendations already in advance via phone or mail. Just inform us about your problem, we'll answer your questions.

first investigation


120,00 Euro 




single treatment

60 min

120,00 Euro 


two treatments
the same day

2 x 60 min


220,00 Euro

three treatments
the same day

3 x 60 min


300,00 Euro

four treatments
the same day

4 x 60 min


400,00 Euro

five treatments
the same day

5 x 60 min


500,00 Euro


You can additionally book these options on the same day of your treatment



30 min

60,00 Euro


30 min

30,00 Euro



 check up

4 weeks after your last treatments

30 min

55,00 Euro


 follow up

6 month after ending your last treatment

 30 min

50,00 Euro